10 Unmissable World Heritage Sites in Germany

Germany has 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites, covering everything from primeval forests, huge royal palaces and modernist housing estates. Each one offers a unique opportunity to discover something more about Germany and its fascinating past. To make it easier to … Continued

Unexpected Gems: Trier

Nestled alongside the Moselle river in southwestern Germany, Trier is probably the oldest city in Germany. It was founded in 16BCE by the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus after he conquered the Celtic Treveri tribe.   Visitors to Trier can still … Continued

Unexpected Gems: Celle

The beautiful medieval town of Celle is located about 40km northeast of Hannover in Lower Saxony. Its old town boasts more than 400 half-timber framed houses, making the place feel like a picture from a fairytale come to life.   … Continued

A Cold War Tour of Berlin

If you know anything about the Cold War you might picture a world of paranoia, spies in long dark coats, rainy city streets, and impending nuclear attack. Certainly, this period of time has inspired many novels, films and TV series … Continued

Unexpected Gems: Ramsau

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Tucked away in a high valley in the Berchtesgader Land is the beautiful little village of Ramsau, surely one of the most spectacular and picturesque places in Germany. The view you can see in the picture above was taken from … Continued

Why You Should Know More About Alexander Von Humboldt

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Born in 1769 in Berlin, Alexander von Humboldt was the son of wealthy Prussian aristocrats. Through his curiosity, tenacity and lust for adventure he became one of Europe’s most famous and important scientists. During his childhood, Alexander and his brother … Continued

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